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feed your soul with Maltese art & Culture

In the sea of Malta’s artistic, historical and architectural wealth we have, charming scenes that leave you gaping in amazement. The Maltese archipelago has been described as “an open-air museum” for its wealth of historical and cultural sites. But experiencing the islands goes beyond admiring the past. At Oswald Arrigo Limited we make great use of this inheritance as amazing backdrops to excursions and functions of every kind.

The mystic and mesmerizing jewel that is the St. John’s Co-Cathedral compels you to stand still and slowly absorb its greatness: a blaze of baroque architecture and sculpture, it was built between 1573 and 1577, and is home to 2 Caravaggio Masterpieces. An intricate maze of tombstones pave the ground you thread.

We have over 30 megalithic temples which are found on Malta and Gozo. The island’s oldest legacy is the megalithic temples that date from as far back as 3800 BC. In Malta we boast the oldest free-standing temple in world, pre-dating the pyramids by a thousand years.

Whether you enjoy visiting magnificent temples, mysterious caves, formidable forts, baroque style churches or, if the picturesque fishing villages, quaint restaurants and spectacular aquatic possibilities are what you are after – Malta has it all! All you have to do is experience is for yourself!