Shore Excursions

Visiting Malta by cruise is different from typical vacations. Our shore excursions intend to satisfy both spectrum of clientele. During your brief window in Malta clients want to visit all the main attractions or they might prefer to rest and relax.

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A typical shore excursion combines Valletta & Mdina. 

Customised packages available. 

With our efficient and tailor made tours, we have got you covered. Experience anything from a day out in the medieval cities of Valletta and Mdina or take an excursion off the beaten path...consult with us to learn more.<

Maltese balcony in Valletta Streets.&nbsp;

Maltese balcony in Valletta Streets. 

Visit Valletta

Valletta is a medieval city that was built by the knights after the great siege. From the sea you will notice its imposing structure and secure walls. From the inside you will bathe in its intricate beauty and valuable charm. A quick lift from the quay to the upper barrakka will land right at the primeministers doorstep. From there.. the mysterious streets of Valletta await you. 

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Mdina - The Silent City with a loud history 

Mdina is the old capital of the Island, situated centrally it is a short drive away from the harbour. Overlooking fertile farmland the old capital was home to many of Malta's nobel families. To this day Mdina is a unique cultural attraction with UNESCO heritage. Many Hollywood movies have captured its essence. Most notable season 1, Game of Thrones. 


view from the road leading to rabat, mdina.&nbsp;

view from the road leading to rabat, mdina. 

An authentic maltese boat in the grand harbour, cruise liner in background.&nbsp;

An authentic maltese boat in the grand harbour, cruise liner in background. 

The 3 cities - Hop in for an authentic boat ride 

Across the harbour you may have noticed equally impressive forts lining the coastline of our grand harbour. These are the 3 cities, one of the many jewels in our islands crown you may want to visit these cities rather than mdina. With the convenience of their vicinity this will give you more time to absorb the relaxed ambience of Malta's island life. You won't be disappointed. We recommend a walk to Gardjola tower.   

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