Open to the outside world, while enjoying our own individuality, we Maltese boast our own language, while being fluent in English which is in fact officially our second language.


Malta’s deep-rooted culture oozes out of its own pore and it is manifested in our long-standing traditions that can still be witnessed today. We have a busy calendar of events and a number of regular events that are held annually, including: the International Choir Festival, Malta marathon, Carnival, weekly village festa’s, Christmas festivities, international Jazz festivals to mention just a few.

The Maltese in fact love festivals and the warm Maltese climate make it possible to enjoy these colourful events throughout the whole year.

One can enjoy a typical village feast, complete with revelry, merry bands, colourful stands and vibrant fireworks that paint the sky on summer weekends. Relive the intriguing landmarks of Malta’s past through organised events and re-enactments in period costume.




The Maltese cuisine has all the variety of a cross-cultural mix of Mediterranean life with a strong influence from Italy and France. We have plenty of sea-food, delicious fruits and vegetables. Some of our specialities are the Lampuka which is a fish unique to Malta, stewed rabbit is a national dish and pasta plays an important role in our menu. The Maltese also have a sweet tooth and we have a range of different typical desserts to offer. The Maltese wines are also worth a try.